Poway Interfaith Council Working to Increase Understanding

August 20, 2006

Source: North County Times


On August 20, 2006 the North County Times reported, "Although still in its infancy, the Poway Interfaith Council is taking big steps forward, and Sunday marked the celebratory end of its first project: Interfaith Summer Nights, where over the course of seven weekly seminars, each of the group's member religions taught the others what their belief systems were all about. The free series, which ran through July and half of August, was more than just dry classroom lessons. It was also an introduction into the cultures behind the religions, to the food and the dress, the music and the dance. And by all accounts, it was a success ---- far more than the young council had imagined it would be. Take, for example, the number of people who showed up each week. 'We planned for, like, 30 people,' Interfaith Council member Robin Lambert said Sunday at a picnic at Lake Poway to celebrate the success of the series. Standing next to Lambert, fellow council member the Rev. Gail Albert laughed and added, 'We had 80 to 90 at most meetings.' The council got its start this year, after many of those who would later join the council stood around chatting at the end of an event for World Religions Day in January. In the spirit of that day ---- which began 56 years ago to call attention to the harmony of spiritual principles that guide the world's religions ---- the local folks decided it was time to learn and share with each other a little more often. And the best way to do that right out of the gate, said acting council president Dierdre Merrill, was the weekly series."