In a Post-September 11 World, Muslim Candidates Return to the Political Race

November 7, 2003

Source: The Christian Science Monitor

On November 7, 2003 The Christian Science Monitor reported that Afeefa Syeed and Kamal Nawash, who each ran in local elections in Virginia Tuesday "have more in common than both having lost their races. As two of only a handful of Muslims running for elected office in the US this year, Ms. Syeed and Mr. Nawash's singular bids underscore the general lack of Muslim participation in political life in America. But because there were two more Muslim candidates running for office in Virginia this year than five years before - and two more than 10 years ago - Syeed's and Nawash's bids also point to a new trend. 'More and more of us are realizing that it is time for Muslims to stop shying away from the political process,' says Mukit Hossain, a Bangladeshi-American businessman and director of the Platform for Active Civil Empowerment (PACE), a new Muslim political action committee. 'The way to advance our agenda is in the traditional American way: by gaining more political power.'"