Portland's Change Your Mind Day Draws Seekers of all Kinds

June 4, 2005

Source: The Oregonian


On June 4, 2005 The Oregonian reported, "inner Southeast Portland teems with the teachings of the Buddha. From Oregon Buddhist Temple on 34th Avenue to Dharma Rain Zen Center on Madison Street, the area is packed with places for Buddhists to worship.

Yet the gathering spots offer different things -- while one songa, or congregation, may emphasize meditation, others prefer chanting. Some temples stress the Heart Sutra, others the Diamond.

The diversity is one of the messages leaders of Buddhist congregations hope to convey during their second annual Change Your Mind Day Festival on Saturday at Colonel Summers Park in Southeast Portland... The first Change Your Mind Day happened 12 years ago when the Buddhist magazine Tricycle held a free afternoon of meditation instruction to introduce the public to Buddhist thought and teachings. The event was held in New York City's Central Park because organizers thought some might shy away from formal worship spaces."