Popular Charismatic Christian Leader Condemns Muslims as Evil

July 3, 2002

Source: The Fort Worth Star-Telegram

On July 3, 2002 The Fort Worth Star-Telegram featured an article on a gathering in Dallas of thousands of Christians to applaud the words of Benny Hinn, a celebrated faith healer, as he explicitly condemned Islam. "Several area ministers, joining the Grapevine-based Pentecostal on stage last week at American Airlines Center in Dallas, clapped and nodded their approval. The line between Christians and Muslims, they said later, is the difference between good and evil... Scholars believe their condemnation points to a growing intolerance among Christian denominations. They see more of the faithful drifting to conservative camps, drawn by the easy explanations of a world divided neatly between friends and foes... And since the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, Muslims are increasingly being pushed into the evil category... Hinn's comments follow a string of recent anti-Muslim statements across the nation."