"Pope's Intolerant Comments May Set Stage for Positive Dialogue, " a Commentary by Dean Koldenhoven, former Mayor of Palos Heights

July 16, 2007

Author: Dean Koldenhoven

Source: Daily Southtown


Pope Benedict XVI expressed his intolerance of Christian churches that are not Catholic by saying " ... the Catholic Church is the one true church, and other Christian bodies shouldn't be called churches."

It is very difficult to comprehend that such a learned man as Pope Benedict would issue such a statement. The Catholic Church, under the leadership of Pope John Paul II, had shown love and unity to fellow Christians, as it should be, and now Pope Benedict is unraveling that unity.

The city of Palos Heights in the year 2000, was confronted with controversy when an Islamic group paid a down payment on a church that was for sale on the public market.

During this controversy, a resident made a statement on public television and said she objected to "false religions" coming into Palos Heights.

A Muslim resident commented, " I think people like (this woman) have so much love for their religion that they turn against other religions. ... We have fanatics in our religion, too. But in fact, God is one god for all religions, and nobody can prove otherwise."

I would like to think the Muslim resident's "so much love for their religion that they turn against other religions" statement applies to Pope Benedict.