Pope Urges Pakistani President to Work for Dialogue and Tolerance

September 30, 2004

Source: Dawn


On September 30, 2004 Dawn reported, "Pope John Paul II urged President Pervez Musharraf to work for dialogue and tolerance in the sub-continent during an audience at the Vatican on Thursday. 'In these times of turmoil and violence, I encourage you and your fellow citizens to continue to foster a spirit of dialogue and tolerance in your region,' the pope said in an address to the visiting Pakistani leader and his entourage. 'It is only by acknowledging the need for mutual understanding among peoples, through a frank and open exchange of ideas, that the world can obtain true justice and peace,' John Paul II added. The President held a one-to-one meeting with the Pontiff at the Papal Apartment before they were joined by the members of the delegation. The Pope welcomed the President and extended his warm greetings. He thanked him for the kind sentiments, the president expressed on behalf of the people of Pakistan for the Pontiff, a statement released by the Vatican said."