Pope Praises Singapore's Flourishing Religious Diversity

December 14, 2003

Source: Zenit News Agency


On December 14, 2003 Zenit News Agency released the text of an address Pope John Paul II delivered to Walter Woon, the new ambassador of Singapore, on the occasion of Woon's visit to the Vatican: "The time I spent in Singapore allowed me the opportunity to experience at first hand a culture shaped by the influence of so many different ethnic and religious groups, which have for years lived in harmony with one another. Singapore has been greatly enriched by its variety of cultures and peoples and should take pride in its tradition of respect and esteem for this patrimony. In fact, your country's commitment to encouraging an authentic spirit of unity in diversity has made a significant contribution to the region and you can rightly claim that it is one of the most developed in Asia. Although Singapore is small in size and population, it nevertheless plays an important role in the area, often acting as a bridge of cultural exchange between East and West."