Pompano Beach Commissioners to Allow Religious Invocations

November 27, 2003

Source: Sun-Sentinel


On November 27, 2003 Sun-Sentinel reported that "a majority of commissioners say they will accept references to specific religions and deities in invocations before commission meetings. 'We are going steadfast on the issue of them allowing us to pray in the name of Jesus,' O'Neal Dozier, pastor of The Worldwide Christian Center in Pompano Beach, said Wednesday. 'It is a freedom of speech issue. And this country is founded on Christianity, the principles of Christianity, not the principles of Buddhism, not the principles of Judaism. I don't believe the developers of the Constitution would want us to compromise our Christian values.' The prayers have been a long-standing tradition here, most delivered by Christian pastors who used Jesus' name. But resident Sherry Scharf complained last month religion doesn't belong at a government meeting, and she didn't like being blessed 'in Jesus' name.'"