Poll Shows Nearly Two-Thirds of Muslims Consider Leaving

July 26, 2005

Source: The Hindu

Wire Service: PTI


On July 26, 2005 the Press Trust of India reported, "An overwhelming majority of Muslims in Britain have considered leaving the country fearing backlash against them following the July 7 suicide bombings in London, a survey said today.

Nearly two-thirds of the participants in the Guardian/ICM poll said they had thought about their future in Britain after the attacks, with 63 per cent saying they had considered whether they wanted to remain in the UK.

Older Muslims were more uneasy about their future, with 67 per cent of those 35 or over having thought about their future home country compared to 61 per cent respondents of the same age or under, it said.

Britain's Muslim population is estimated at 1.6 million... The poll finds a huge rejection of violence by Muslims with nine in 10 believing it has no place in a political struggle." For the detailed poll results, visit ICM's website: www.icmresearch.co.uk.