Politicians in Quebec Urge Against Shari�ah Law

March 11, 2005

Source: Montreal Gazette


On March 11, 2005 the Montreal Gazette reported, "Islamic law has no place in Quebec or the rest of Canada, a provincial cabinet minister and several MNAs said yesterday.

With the Ontario government expected to decide shortly on whether to allow the Islamic legal code, known as sharia, to be applied to settle family disputes among Muslims, Liberal and Parti Quebecois MNAs warned yesterday that using sharia would lead to blatant violations of women's rights.

'I think all political parties in Quebec must say loud and clear that not only do we not want it in Quebec, we don't want it in Ontario and we don't want it in Canada,' International Relations Minister Monique Gagnon-Tremblay said at a conference.

The former immigration minister said Quebec should refuse immigrants who believe the Islamic system should be applied."