Politician Would Close Borders to Muslim Immigrants for 5 Years

November 19, 2004

Source: CBC News


On November 19, 2004 CBC News reported, "One of the most popular politicians in the Netherlands said Friday his country's democracy is under threat and called for rejecting immigration from non-western nations in the wake of the killing of a Dutch filmmaker, allegedly by a Muslim radical.

'We are a Dutch democratic society. We have our own norms and values,' Geert Wilders told The Associated Press in an interview Friday. 'If you chose radical Islam, you can leave, and if you don't leave voluntarily, then we will send you away. This is the only message possible.'

In his first interview to the foreign media since the slaying of filmmaker Theo van Gogh on Nov. 2, Wilders said his own life has been repeatedly threatened and he has begun living under state protection, and had to stay away from his own home.

Wilders split with the free-market coalition partner Liberal party two months ago because it backed the candidacy of Turkey - a predominantly Muslim country - to the European Union."