Police Launch Training Book on Religious Diversity

October 11, 2005

Source: New Zealand Police


On October 11, 2005 the New Zealand Police press release reported, "The Police Religious Diversity Book will be launched in Christchurch on Wednesay 12 October 2005. 'A Practical Reference to Religious Diversity' covers seven major religious faiths including Maori spirituality, Buddhist Faith, Christian Faith, Hindu Faith, Islamic Faith, Jewish Faith, and the Sikh Faith. The book provides information to help police gain basic awareness and understanding of religious diversity. It also explains how religious beliefs and customs may impact on their role as police officers when they are carrying out their duties. Apart from serving as a valuable resource for the police, it is also hoped the book will also contribute towards the development of a cohesive and harmonious society. The guide outlines Maori Spirituality and six major faiths – Buddhist, Christian, Hindu, Islamic, Jewish, and Sikh – and provides information about protocols surrounding death, gender roles and the family, physical contact, and religious practices and policing."