Police Investigating Attacks on London Mosques and Gurdwara

January 22, 2004

Source: The Muslim News


On January 22, 2004 The Muslim News ran an Indo-Asian News Service article that reported, "Police in Britain are investigating a series of attacks on a mosque and a gurudwara at High Wycombe in Buckinghamshire. On Wednesday, Wycombe district councillors looked at ways of protecting the two places of worship after the attacks on the mosque on Jubilee Road and those at the gurudwara on Westbourne Street later. The incidents had been hushed up for fear that publicity could spark reprisals or copycat incidents. Although community leaders were unwilling to spell out precise details, slogans warning worshippers that people were "looking out for them" were painted on the walls of the mosque on several separate occasions...At the gurudwara there were disturbances outside over several nights while religious services were being conducted."