Pledge for "Intimidation-Free" Campuses for Jewish Students Debated

October 11, 2002

Source: The Chapel Hill Herald

On October 11, 2002, The Chapel Hill Herald reported that "College presidents who declined to endorse a pledge against campus anti-Semitism... including Nan Keohane at Duke and N.C. State Chancellor Marye Anne Fox - faulted the manifesto for its lack of 'symmetry,' meaning it didn't also decry threats to Arabs and Muslims... UNC's James Moeser was among the nearly 300 college presidents who signed the New York Times advertisement sponsored by the American Jewish Committee... Moeser noted he would have been 'happier' if the statement had included other ethnic groups, but he... noted the omission wasn't a fatal flaw...    Moeser and other college leaders have already declared their vigilance against threats and violence to Muslim and Arab-American students."