Play Highlights the Necessity of Religious Pluralism

November 29, 2005

Source: Rediff

On November 29, 2005 Rediff reported, "Whenever professor Diana Eck hears of a play such as 'The Hindu and the Cowboy.. and Other Kansas City Stories' staged recently in Kansas City, she feels more than happy. The sympathetic play about divergent cultures and faiths was done in an ecumenical spirit, she says.

Playwright Donna Ziegenhorn, who interviewed scores of Kansas City residents, put their stories together to reflect on division and the lesson of tolerance.

'We are divided as people by lines... culture, religion, race, gender, to some extent,' she said. 'The underlying question running throughout the play is are these lines good or are they bad?'

These are very questions that the Pluralism Project that Diana Eck started at Harvard University has been asking since 1991. Of course, like Ziegenhorn, Eck and others at Pluralism Project believe in multi-ethnic and multi-religious America... [Pluralism Project] affiliates continually study the changing religious landscape in America. [Stuart Chandler, one affiliate] has put together an exhibit, 'Eastern Religions Come to Western Pennsylvania.'

This exhibit... is expected to travel to other museums after being shown in the University Museum of Indiana University of Pennsylvania. It focuses on the Buddhist, Hindu, Jain, and Sikh traditions, especially their practice in the Pittsburgh region."