Plans for Yorktown Muslim Center Held Up by Traffic

April 14, 2005

Source: The Journal News

On April 14, 2005 The Journal News reported, "the Yorktown Planning Board could vote on dividing the old Franciscan High School property, part of which would be used as a mosque and Muslim center, as soon as May 9. If the opening of public hearings on plans to turn a former Catholic high school into a Muslim center were marked with alarm from some in Mohegan Lake who said it was necessary to question their neighbors in post-9/11 America, the public comment sessions ended calmly this week... Over the recent weeks of dialogue between neighborhood leaders and the prominent local Arab-American family that wants to open a mosque at the old Franciscan High School, concerns have moved back to a more familiar realm — traffic. That worry is not surprising given how burdened northern Yorktown residents feel about sprawl and congestion."