Plaintiff in Denny's Case Claims Corporation Ignored Anti-Muslim Complaint

May 5, 2005

Source: Boca Raton News

On May 5, 2005 the Boca Raton News reported, "the Denny’s Corporation refused to take responsibility for a racial discrimination complaint against one of its South Florida franchises, ignoring the seven alleged Muslim victims for 11 months, a Boca Raton plaintiff said Wednesday.

Ehab Mohamed, an Egyptian-born Muslim and insurance broker who lives in Boca with his American wife, said he and his six friends in their $28 million lawsuit would fiercely dispute last week’s statement by Denny’s president Nelson Marchioli that the corporation immediately investigated and discounted their January 2004 complaint to the Florida Commission on Human Relations – a state agency that recently found probable cause for discrimination in its own yearlong investigation."