Philadelphia-Area Muslims Protest Re-Publication of Cartoons, Announce Educational Initiative

February 15, 2006

Source: News of Delaware County

On February 15, 2006 the News of Delaware County reported, "Lack of understanding about Muslim beliefs has helped fuel tensions regarding cartoons published in a Danish newspaper, says representative of Upper Darby mosque. Local Muslims weighed in recently on the international controversy surrounding a Danish newspaper's decision to publish cartoons depicting the prophet Muhammad. Advertisement

'We support the demonstrations, but any demonstration has to be peaceful,' said Mohamed Majeed, who serves on the board of directors at Masjid Al Madinah.

The Upper Darby-based mosque draws Muslims from around Delaware County and Philadelphia.

Majeed said the mosque held meetings to discuss the issue, and a majority of Muslims he's spoken to that have seen the images feel they are offensive. He stressed, however, that neither they nor their religion condone violent behavior.

A group from the Upper Darby mosque joined a demonstration at the Philadelphia Inquirer headquarters Saturday which was organized in response to the paper's decision to re-print one of the series of cartoons earlier this month, along with an article on protests in various parts of the world."