Petition Aims to Halt Prayer Call in Michigan

May 8, 2004

Source: The Detroit Free Press

On May 8, 2004 The Detroit Free Press reported, "A petition drive began Friday to stop a new law that will allow mosques in Hamtramck to broadcast the Muslim call to prayer over loudspeakers. Organizers say they are certain they'll get the required 552 signatures to force the City Council to reverse its April 27 decision. 'There are some people, including Muslims, who don't want the call to prayer,' said resident Robert Zwolak, 63. 'The ballot box is the best place for people to voice their opinion.' If the campaign gets enough signatures and the council refuses to reverse its decision, the ordinance would be suspended automatically. It would then become a ballot issue, according to the city charter. But for now, the ordinance, which goes into effect May 26, has created tension mostly between the city's Muslims and Polish Catholics. It will allow the city's mosques to say the call to prayer in Arabic five times a day."