"Peace Bell" Made in Korea Will Find Home in U.S. Buddhist Temple

July 30, 2004

Source: The Chosun Ilbo


On July 30, 2004 The Chosun Ilbo reported, "43-year-old U. S. Buddhist monk Mooryang recently visited Korea to produce the 'Peace Bell.' He has been constructing a temple in California for ten years and the bell will be contributed to the temple. The 'Peace Bell' is being made in a factory in Yongin. On August 5, a tolling ceremony would take place and it would be moved to Taego Temple in the U.S. The bell has a similar outer shape with Gyeongju's "Emile Bell" and the word "peace" is to be engraved in 200 languages. In addition, the children of 50 nations of the world, dancing while holding each other's hands, are to be engraved as well at the bottom of the bell. The priest said, 'Cowboy and American Indian children, Korean and Japanese, Chinese and Mongolian... I tried to draw the children from conflicting regions holding each other's hand.' Mooryang is the student of the Korean Zen monk Seung Sahn. The U. S. monk met him during his years at Yale University, and he entered the priesthood in 1983. He practiced in Korea for five years and went back to the U.S. Since September 1994, he has been constructed Taego Temple in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, about 150 km to the north of Los Angeles."