Patriot Act May Make Blacks More Vulnerable to Racial Profiling

November 13, 2003

Source: Bridges Ethnic Media Digest

On November 13, 2003 Bridges Ethnic Media Digest reported that "while the anti-terrorism Patriot Act is widely thought to affect only Arabs and Muslims, the law has put all blacks in an increasingly vulnerable state according to ColorLines, an Oakland magazine that covers race and politics. Tammy Johnson writes that black immigrants are also detained without due process, especially Haitian immigrants seeking asylum... Johnson also argues that the Patriot Act makes the police more aggressive about racial profiling." In related news, "Male nationals of 25 countries living in the United States are bracing themselves for a second round of registration next month as part of the Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services' efforts to track down terrorists. The American Muslim Voice is forming an alliance with the Blue Triangle Network, a Muslim advocacy group in Michigan and the Pakistan American Alliance, a California-based group, to ask the Justice Department why individuals who registered last year must do so again this year."