Pat Robertson's Charity to Receive Federal Grant

October 3, 2002

Source: The Associated Press

On October 3, 2002 The Associated Press reported that "a charity founded by Pat Robertson is to receive $500,000 in the first wave of grants under President Bush's 'faith-based initiative,' which the religious broadcaster had criticized. In March, Robertson said on his '700 Club' television show that the program to give federal money to religious organizations that provide social services was a 'Pandora's box' that could make legitimate religious charities dependent on government and finance cults that 'brainwash' prospective adherents. Robertson said the groups getting funds 'will begin to be nurtured, if I can use that term, on federal money, and then they can't get off of it,' according to The Washington Post. He added, 'It'll be like a narcotic; they can't then free themselves later on...'"