Passover Effort Feeds Needy

April 8, 2009

Author: Oralandar Brand-Williams

Source: The Detroit News

Like thousands around the world, Metro Detroit's Jewish community begins the observance of Passover at sundown today.

For Michelle Shapiro, Passover, the exodus of Israelite slaves from Egypt, is about giving back to the community and the less fortunate.

"We've been told we're supposed to take care of each other ... of strangers," Shapiro said. "I can give back, like my ancestors did."

That's why Shapiro of West Bloomfield was among a group of volunteers who Sunday helped pass out food baskets at the Yad Ezra kosher food pantry.

The effort aims to help needy Jewish families and individuals with food to prepare the Passover Seder, the eight-day holiday's ritual feast.