"Parzania" Film on Gujarat Riots Focuses on Connection Between Parsi Family and American Student

December 16, 2005

Source: Rediff


On December 16, 2005 Rediff ran a review of a forthcoming film, "Parzania," on the 2002 Gujarat riots in India. The reviewer writes, "Based on a true story, Parzania revolves around a Parsi family in Ahmedabad... Allan Webbings (Corin Nemec) is a disillusioned American, comfortably late with his dissertation and not giving a damn about most things... Fascinated by an neighbour's Gandhian preachings (an old bald man with glasses, mind you), Allan is more than content drinking hooch and reading philosophy without necessarily having to believe in it. And then there is an explosion. Heard only on the radio, it sounds very far away, but the repercussions are felt. Hard... The American has witnessed a woman being burnt alive on the hood of his car even as he is trying frantically to back away from the scene, and the events in Gujarat open his eyes wider than he had ever expected... The American, more profane than profound, describes the Gujarat riots with angry text, going far enough to make censor-pushing statements like: 'The Parishad is this country's equivalent of the KKK [Ku Klux Klan]'... What Parzania has to be really applauded for is the fact that it strongly believes in itself, and is extremely direct in condemning the State-sponsored violence in Gujarat. The message is simple, angry, and sincere and deserves to be heard."