Parents Want Policy on Religious Expression Enforced Uniformly

January 25, 2007

Author: Rose Ann Pearce

Source: The Morning News

FAYETTEVILLE -- If a Hindu mural can be displayed at Fayetteville High School, students at McNair Middle School ought to be allowed to display their art work if it contains symbols of Christianity, such as a cross.

That was the message Thursday to the Fayetteville School Board from a group of parents of students at the middle school who want the school board to enforce its own 10-year-old policy on religious expression in the schools.

The four spokesmen for the group of about 100 parents want the district to better communicate the board's policy, 6.14, to administrators, staff, faculty and parents as well as provide training on enforcing the policy.

"While there is considerable angst regarding this situation that won't go away quickly, the good news is that the solution is before us," said Bruce Ritter in prepared remarks.

"We wouldn't be here today if the policy had been followed," Ritter said after the group spoke during the public comment portion of the school board meeting.