Parent Complains of Secularizing Holy Days

November 16, 2002

Source: The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

On November 16, 2002 The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported that "Meg Uhlman was thrilled last month that her daughter's sixth-grade class planned to attend a local production of 'A Christmas Carol.' But her joy turned to rage when the trip was abruptly replaced with one to see 'The Great Railroad Race' --- a decision made, she claims, to satisfy the dictates of political correctness. 'Some parents had a problem with the fact that the story takes place at Christmastime,' Uhlman said. 'This is not a story about the birth of Jesus. This is a story with a good message for kids.' Kirk Smith, principal at South Orange Middle School, said the cancellation had more to do with concerns that the play didn't mesh with the class's curriculum. But he acknowledged that 'there is a great sensitivity to putting students in awkward situations.' ACLU officials say schools must take care not to foster a certain religious view. They say the teaching of religion in public schools is barred by the Constitution, but teaching about religious holidays is not."