Paralyzed Deportee Shuffled Between Sikh Temples

December 19, 2007

Author: Kim Bolan

Source: Edmonton Journal/CanWest News Service

Just last week, supporters of a paralyzed refugee claimant vowed to care for him forever, as they prevented his deportation at Vancouver International Airport.

But on the weekend, Laibar Singh was moved for a third time in six days after those same supporters decided they couldn't care for the severely disabled man any more.

Singh is now at Surrey's Guru Nanak Sikh temple, its president Balwant Singh Gill confirmed Sunday.

Gill said the New Westminster temple where Singh had been taken last Monday didn't want him there any more.

Singh's deportation to India was halted by the Canada Border Services Agency a week ago after a massive airport protest, at which several leaders pledged to cover Singh's medical expenses for as long as he remains here.

Yet Gill, who was not at the protest, said no one has offered his temple any of the funds raised to care for the wheelchair-bound man.