Palm Beach County to Prosecute Hate Crime Suspect

July 30, 2002

Source: The South Florida Sun-Sentinel

On July 30, 2002 The South Florida Sun-Sentinel reported that "a sign at the proposed site for an Islamic center in Boca Raton [Florida] has been vandalized for the third time in about four months... Passers-by called police... about a burning sign at the future site of the Assalam Center... Investigators found that several holes had been punched in the sign, which had been doused in a substance that smelled like gasoline... The center will provide classes and prayer facilities for Muslims... Approval for the center's location already has been given by the city. The construction plans are awaiting approval... In the meantime, extra patrols will be conducted in the area, and the Police Department is placing a crime deterrent vehicle near the site."