Pakistan Asks Facebook to Block 'Draw Mohammed' Page, Then Will Consider Restoring Service

May 21, 2010

Author: Chris Brummit

Source: Los Angeles Times

Wire Service: AP,0,372913.story

Pakistan acknowledged the "suffering" caused by its bans on Facebook and YouTube, but said it would only consider restoring the websites if they take down pages considered offensive to Islam, the information technology ministry said Friday.

The government has asked both sites to block the offending pages and was expecting a reply soon, Najibullah Malik, the secretary at the ministry said. Facebook has said that may be a solution, but did not specify if it — or the Pakistani government — should restrict the content.

Other sites have also been affected in the country as officials scramble to block content related to a Facebook page called "Everybody Draw Mohammed Day!" which encourages users to post images of Islam's Prophet Muhammad, purportedly in support of freedom of speech.