Pagans Want to Be Included Too

April 30, 2007

Author: Miss Faith

Source: Associated Content

In the United Kingdom, or really anywhere else on planet earth, Paganism is not part of the school curriculum. However, a mother in the UK, Fiona Edden, wants it to be part of the learning process. Recently Edden submitted an online petition to the Downing Street website, asking for support in adding Paganism to the school curriculum.

Just as in the United States, Paganism is a recognized religion. The UK estimates approximately 40,000 followers of the religion. The reason for the petition is in fact to add the teaching of the religion, but it is also to show equal rights as well. The current school curriculum teaches of six other major religions and humanism as well.

Currently Pagan groups around the area backed the petition stating "there was unfounded 'fear and ignorance' about the religion and the nation's children should be informed." But on the other side of the coin, the people in charge of education said "there were no plans to introduce the religion into schools, although guidelines have recently been drawn up to look into the teaching of minor faiths."

Edden is a coordinator of the Durham Pagans and has raised three children in the faith. She submitted the e-petition when her eldest child, Abbey (14), questioned her teachers on issues of Paganism and was told there were no plans to include it in their curriculum. Edden's other two school-age children, Dane (12) and Regan (6), were also part of her reason for submitting the petition. She believes their faith should be part of their schooling, just as other children's faith is part it.