Pagans Descend on Lakeville to Celebrate Equinox

September 10, 2007


Source: South Coast Today/Standard Times

LAKEVILLE — Drums pounded, witches danced and smudge wands wafted the aroma of burning sage and lavender on the afternoon breeze. It was Pagan Pride Day on Sunday and the gathering drew a diverse crowd that included musicians, spiritual practitioners, herbalists, crafters and the simply curious to Ted Williams camp.

Admission to the all-day event was free but all who attended were asked to contribute a non-perishable food item for local food pantries.

"It's been a very successful day," said Lisa Butler, who coordinated the event.

"We have had from three to five hundred people, and we also collected more than 400 pounds of food for local food pantries as well as about 100 pounds of pet food for the humane society."

An avowed pagan herself, Ms. Butler explained that paganism represents an earth-based, polytheistic approach to spirituality. Raised in a religious home she had embarked on her own search for meaning and that journey had eventually led her to paganism.

"To me this makes more sense," she said.

Sunday's celebration was held to mark the autumnal equinox, since ancient times an occasion for thanksgiving after the harvest.