Pagans Convey Concerns about Faith-Based Legislation to Congress

July 17, 2001

Source: Lady Liberty League

On July 17, 2001, the Lady Liberty League issued a press release reporting that "Pagans of many paths from around the USA concerned about HR 7 have joined the growing numbers of American citizens calling and emailing their concerns to US Congressional representatives on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC. Some info is online at Wren's Nest at the Witches Voice website: 7 is of special concern to Pagans because one of the most widely cited Wiccan religious freedom victories in federal court, the Jamie Dodge case, pertained to the firing of a Wiccan because of her religion by a social service agency run by a religious organization using tax payer money." Pagans have been using congressional websites such as,, and to get information about and send emails to representatives.