Paganism on the Rise, Christianity "Singled Out for Exclusion"

February 7, 2004


On February 7, 2004 posted a story on the rise of paganism worldwide, contrasted with incidents in which Christianity has been "singled out for exclusion." The article mentioned Denmark's legalization of marriages conducted by worshippers of the Norse gods and the U.S. federal court case in favor of allowing Wiccan Cyndi Simpson to deliver an invocation at a Chesterfield (Va.) county board meeting. It mentioned Heather Botting, Wiccan chaplain at the University of Victoria in Canada, where paganism is the country's fastest-growing religion. The article also mentioned the increased interest in the West in Kabbalah (Jewish mysticism), Buddhism and Hinduism. The article contrasted this discussion with a mention of the ways in which "Christ had been taken out of Christmas" by government officials in the England, Scotland and Australia in 2003.