Pagan Pride Day Celebrated Across the U.S., 2003

September 28, 2003

Source: The Morning Sun

On September 28, 2003 The Morning Sun reported: "At first sight, the gathering Saturday at Lincoln Park could have been a typical church picnic, with burgers on the grill and children playing on the grass. But there were a few differences, such as all the tie-dye clothing and the drums, and the 5 p.m. ritual in observance of Mabon. 'That's the Autumn Equinox, and perhaps the closest Christian holiday to it would be Thanksgiving,' explained Amber Silvermoon, Arma, coordinator of the Pagan Pride Celebration. She said that the event was held each year to not only give thanks for the harvest but to educate the public about alternative spiritualities such as Wicca, Asatru and Druidic spiritual paths. 'Christianity has many different denominations, and pagans also have many traditions,' Silvermoon noted. The event, held on alternating years in Joplin and Pittsburg, also helps area pagans to connect with each other, she added."