Pagan Pride Celebrated, 2000

September 21, 2000

Source: The Atlanta Journal and Constitution

On September 21, 2000 The Atlanta Journal and Constitution reported that "more than 300 pagans gathered Wednesday to dispel myths about their ancient religion, which they say has been unfairly demonized by Christians pushing for prayer in public schools. 'Our point is, you can have no religions in the public schools or you can have all religions in the public schools, but you are not going to have just the Christian religion in the public schools,' said rally organizer Ginger Strivelli. She is a co-founding priestess of the Appalachian Pagan Alliance, which organized the rally in response to last month's far larger We Still Pray rally. That rally attracted more than 12,000 Christians to the football stadium at A.C. Reynolds High School in protest of a recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling against school-sponsored prayers before football games and other events."