Ownership Dispute Divides Buddhist Temple in Oakland

March 22, 2005

Source: The Argus


On March 22, 2005 The Argus reported, "it's a very un-Buddhist thing for Buddhists to sue other Buddhists over a temple's ownership. It's even more surprising for monks to gossip, steal, file restraining orders and threaten fellow monks... The Oakland Buddhist Society dissidents are confused, said Community of Khmer Buddhists member Larry Hane. 'The signs they've been posting say we're taking their culture and their temple, but it's all the same culture same temple. The temple was not given away. It belongs to everyone and the Khmer Buddhists are coming to make the Oakland temple better.' If Cambodian Buddhist Society members are confused, they're not the only ones. Now that both sides are involved in a lawsuit, lawyers are grappling with details of the case and what exactly happened June 27, 2004 when the board approved the transfer [of ownership over the temple]."