Over a Million Sikhs Participate In California Parade

November 2, 2009

Author: Ravinder Singh Robin

Source: Newstrack India


Over a million Sikhs from across the United States took part in the 30th annual Sikh Parade at Yuba City in California on Sunday.

The nearly five-mile religious parade was taken out to mark the tercentenary celebrations of Guruship of Guru Granth Sahib, the holy scripture of Sikhs.

Amid the chants of "Satnam Waheguru" and repeated slogans of "Bole so Nihal" the Punj Pyaras or, the five Sikh clergies led the parade and carried the Sri Nishan Sahib, the religious flag of Sikhism.

As the procession stared from the Sikh Temple of Yuba City, a helicopter hovering above the ceremonial parade created a rain of flowers from high above the procession.

Tajinder Singh Dosanjh, a senior member of the committee said that the Parade helps people to meet each other and witnessed a large religious gathering and offered a platform to the Sikhs to discuss their issues.