Over 600 Sikhs Visit Pakistan in Religious Pilgrimmage, Signals Recent Peace Between Countries

January 3, 2005

Source: Dawn


On January 3, 2005 Dawn reported, "Over 600 Sikhs left for India on Monday after performing religious rituals at different gurdwaras in the province. They arrived [in Pakistan] on Dec 27 in connection with the 300th death anniversary of Zorawar Singh and Fateh Singh, sons of Guru Gobind Singh, 10th guru of Sikhs...Talking to reporters, Priest Prof Darshan Singh welcomed the recent peace process between two countries. He said the resumption of dialogue between them had given a sigh of relief to their people and its continuity would help promote peace in the region... Identifying similarities between Islam and Sikhism, Mr Singh said the people of both religions believed in the oneness of God and humanity to man. He said several things were common in the culture of both Punjab."