Over 1,000 Attend MPAC’s Annual Convention

December 21, 2005

Source: MPAC


On December 21, 2005 the Muslim Public Affairs Council reported, "Over 1,000 people joined the Muslim Public Affairs Council in 'Examining Our Role in America' during its fifth annual convention on Saturday, December 17, which will be aired on C-SPAN in the coming days. During the national event, which drew attendees from as far as Buffalo, Chicago, Seattle, New York, Wichita and Washington, DC, prominent academics, writers, officials and activists commended MPAC's commitment to making Muslims a vital and contributing part of America's pluralism and political process... Central issues discussed included the emergence of a religious and civic identity among American and European Muslims, the role of Muslims in addressing intra-religious conflict, and the position of Western Muslims within the international Muslim community."