'Outsider' Exhibit Focuses on Faith

October 6, 2007

Author: Glenn McNatt

Source: The Baltimore Sun


At a time when religious intolerance seems more than ever in the news, the yearlong exhibition that opens today at the American Visionary Art Museum sounds a small but poignant note of sanity amid the current cacophony of doctrinal zealotry, hatred and fear.

All Faiths Beautiful: From Atheism to Zoroastrianism is a show of about 200 works by "outsider" or visionary artists inspired by the universal human impulse to seek meaning and hope through the act of faith.

The exhibit draws on all the world's great religious traditions, including Christianity, Judaism and even Zoroastrianism, a monotheistic faith prevalent in ancient Persia. The show is an affirmation of the essential oneness of the human family. By honoring the grand tapestry of our beliefs, it celebrates the diversity of our spiritual strivings.