Outrage Follows Robertson's Remarks on Islam

February 22, 2002

Source: The Interfaith Alliance


On February 22, 2002, Rev. Dr. C. Welton Gaddy of the Interfaith Alliance issued a press release "Robertson’s Characterization of Islam: A Disgrace to Religion, Harmful to Healing Nation." It read, in part: "Islam, Christianity and Judaism all adhere to teachings that espouse the common values of peace, compassion and human dignity. Islam, as all other religions, serves as a valuable component of our interfaith society. Since the horrific September 11 attacks, we have witnessed a myriad of misinformed and mean-spirited statements about Islam and the Muslim people, all feeding into a divisive, anti-Islamic sentiment in the national arena. Robertson’s remarks are only the latest. ... When will those in the national spotlight realize that their appalling and divisive attacks refute the positive and healing role that religion can play in public life? When will those who proclaim to be Christian adhere to the tenets of Christian faith that call for a love of neighbor and a respect for human dignity? When will those promoting the language of hate realize that their comments only serve to further harm and divide a nation still healing?"