Oslo Synagogue a Target of Terrorists

September 11, 2006

Source: Aftenposten


On September 11, 2006 Aftenposten reported, "Norway's largest synagogue received an ominous warning last November that it would be one of two targets of terrorist attacks in Oslo. The threats came in conjunction with the arrests in Italy of several members of an alleged terror group. 'I can confirm that we received information that an attack was planned against the synagogue,' Anne Sender of The Mosaic Religious Community in Norway (Det Mosaiske Trossamfund, DMT) told newspaper VG on Monday. Sender said the threats were so credible and alarming that they were taken 'very seriously,' and the synagogue's security went on high alert. She wouldn't say who provided the information to DMT, nor would Norwegian intelligence officials comment on the terror threat. VG reported, however, that the threats came just as police in Italy were rounding up several members of an Algerian-linked group, GSPC, believed to be tied to al-Qaida. Two of the members reportedly had checked airline ticket prices to Norway just before they were arrested. The two also are believed to have been in Norway earlier, in 2004, using false identity documents they obtained in France. Police believe they were in contact with several persons in Oslo who support the GSPC."