Opposition Continues To Mount Over Buddhist Temple in Rowland Heights, CA

August 28, 2004

Source: Pasadena News


On August 28, 2004 Pasadena News reported, "Whether Buddhist, Christian, Muslim or atheist, about 300 residents who live near the proposed Buddhist temple in town say they won't hesitate to sue or picket against the project's developers. The Rowland Heights Residents Against Conditional Use Permit 98-044 met last week to plan a course of action against the proposed Yuan Yung Buddhist Center on Fullerton and Pathfinder Roads... Their plans include a public demonstration near the proposed site and a news conference in mid-September. Lu said they will not rule out a class-action lawsuit against the developer or the Yuan Yung Buddhist Center. Officials for the center, now in Los Angeles, want to relocate and expand. The $6 million to $8 million proposal calls for 15 buildings encompassing 58,000 square feet on a 7.5-acre lot. The area is mostly rural and residential, with several churches in the area."