Opinon: New Delhi Dialogue Conference Had Unique Focus

July 27, 2003

Source: Gulf News


On July 27, 2003 Gulf News ran an opinion piece by Abdullah AlMadani in which he talked about an international ministerial conference on the dialogue among civilzations that was held in New Delhi, India, "under the auspices of Unesco and with the participation of over 50 countries...on July 9 and 10." He claimed not enough media attention had been given to the event, which he considered to be unique: "It was unique in its nature compared with the previous ones that dealt with dialogue among civilisations, because it did not confine itself to the issue of how to fill the gap between diverse religions. While this topic represented one of the main axes of dialogue...two other topics were widely focused on: 1) education as an instrument of constructive dialogue and better understanding and 2) science and technology as the new frontiers for global unity and connectivity."