Opinion: Scotland Needs "Rebirth of Confidence" in Christian Heritage While Acknowledging Secularism

March 5, 2005

Source: The Scotsman


On March 5, 2005 The Scotsman ran an opinion piece by Joyce McMillan on the "strident Christian" response to growing multiculturalism in Scotland. She argues, "[I]f we feel we have no culture of our own, or that we have lost touch with it over two generations of breakneck social change, then we are bound to feel threatened by others who seem more certain of who they are and what they believe; and perhaps to become more vulnerable to the claims of intolerant demagogues...But if we can begin to see the powerful moral connections between the [Christian] tradition in which we were raised and the way we live now, and to pass that story on to our children and grandchildren, then we may find ourselves more confident of who we are and where we came from; and therefore better able to enter into a real conversation with people of other faiths and traditions."