Opinion: Rejection of EU Constitution Linked to Fear of the "Green Tide" of Islam

June 7, 2005

Source: The Boston Globe


On June 7, 2005 The Boston Globe ran a column by James Carroll in which he discussed the rejection of the EU Constitution. Carroll writes, "Among the factors leading to the French and Dutch rejections of the European constitution last week, none looms more ominously than the nightmare of antagonism between 'the West' and Islam. Many Europeans fear a rising tide of green, both within the continent and from outside it. Where once communists threatened, now Muslims do. A new wall is being built. Muslims, meanwhile, see a flood of contempt in pressures on immigrant communities in European cities, in restrictions on Islamic expression, and in openly expressed reservations about Turkey's admission to the EU precisely because of its Islamic character. Given escalations of the war in Iraq together with widely reported instances of Koran-denigration by US interrogators, such trends in Europe make the global war on terror seem expressly a war against Islam. The 'clash of civilizations' seems closer at hand than ever."