Opinion: Reflecting on Glasgow's Terror Attack

July 2, 2007

Author: Na'eem Raza

Source: BBC News


Na'eem Raza, a member of the Scottish Interfaith Council and founder of Scotland's Muslims Consultancy, gives his reaction to the terror attack at Glasgow Airport to the BBC Scotland news website.

Saturday afternoon was a period of reflection while all around me was in turmoil. I wasn't thinking of the ongoing events, rather the aftermath that might follow.

I was born and have lived all my life here. I love this country; it is my home, my heritage, my culture, our future.

I remember my father used to tell us stories of the difficulties he went through when he first arrived here, being called all sorts of names and the blatant racism that he faced. I could never relate to that period. We have moved on, haven't we?

I wanted to stay at home on Saturday evening; I needed some security, I felt an air of unease, of tension. I could relate to my father's stories now.