Opinion: Referendum Against Orland Park Mosque an 'Abuse of Democracy"

June 6, 2004

Source: Daily Southtown


On June 6, 2004 the Daily Southtown reported, "Frustrated because the mayor and village board "are not listening" to opponents of a proposed mosque in Orland Park, some residents of the village are calling for a referendum on the subject. One resident told the Daily Southtown he hoped to get enough petition signatures to force the village to hold a non-binding referendum Nov. 2 on the plan. Some opponents of the mosque want the village board to delay its decision on the plan until after the referendum is held. To their credit, a majority of village trustees have told the Daily Southtown they plan to vote in favor of the mosque. Mayor Dan McLaughlin says he'll ask the village trustees to vote on the proposal June 21. We hope they do, because it would put the referendum idea to rest. For mosque opponents to force a referendum on the issue would be a grave abuse of the democratic process, in our view."

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