Opinion: Imams Should Not Use Mosques to Further Political Agendas

June 26, 2004

Source: Muslim WakeUp!


On June 26, 2004 Muslim WakeUp! ran an opinion piece by Tarek Fatah, host of The Muslim Chronicle TV, and Jehad Aliweiwi, former executive director of the Canadian Arab Federation, in which they argued, "On Monday, millions of Canadians will go to the polls to elect a new parliament and a new Prime Minister. Muslim Canadians have been active in the body-politic of this country for decades. We have participated vigorously in election after election. But although this election—the first after 9/11—provides us an opportunity to assert our strength, and send a message of solidarity with people who stood shoulder-to-shoulder with us in our darkest days, the traditional Canadian Muslim leadership has unwisely chosen to use the country’s mosques to serve short-term partisan ends...It is...not only dishonest to use mosques for the propaganda and publicity of the ruling Liberal Party, this is a dangerous trend. The house of God should never be used for partisan purposes, yet across the land, the Imams and the mosque authorities are using the place of prayer to push their petty political agendas. In doing so these imams and national presidents who self aggrandize themselves as 'Muslim Leaders' are guilty of compromising the sanctity of the mosque."