Opinion: "I'll Have a Multifaith Danish (with Lavish Sprinkles of Tolerance, Respect, and Humor)"

February 22, 2006

Source: Muslim Wake Up!


On February 22, 2006 Muslim Wake Up! ran an opinion piece by Raheel Raza, author of "Their Jihad..Not my Jihad" and Interfaith director for The Muslim Canadian Congress. Raza writes, "Now that the furor and fury [over the cartoons] is dying down a bit, I’m eating a Danish in solidarity for ordinary Danish people who have been swept into the current cartoon controversy. Just like I don’t want to be blamed for the actions of a few radical extremists, similarly I don’t think all Danes should be blamed for the mischief of an editor and an Imam. I also have a message for Muslims, non-Muslims and Media. 'Enough is enough – grow up and let’s learn to live together!' Why? Because the world is now a global village and a joke in Denmark can have ripple effects causing tremors from Delhi to Dakkar. As the Sufi poet Saadi wrote: 'Human beings are like parts of a single body; if one part is wounded, the rest hurts. You, unmoved by the pain of others, are not worthy of being called human.' Many important lessons for humanity have emerged from this cartoon crisis and perhaps the best thing we can all do right now is to sit back, take stock and educate ourselves about each other, before we criticize."